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Novato/North Bay

Pacific Appraisers provides residential and commercial appraisal services in the North Bay market, which encompasses Marin County, Sonoma County, Napa County and extends eastward into Solano County. The city of Fairfield, being part of Solano County, is often considered the eastern most city of the North Bay.  With few exceptions, this region is quite affluent: Marin County is ranked as the wealthiest in the state. The North Bay is comparatively rural to the remainder of the Bay Area, with many areas of undeveloped open space, farmland and vineyards.  Santa Rosa in Sonoma County is the North Bay’s largest city. Major cities include Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Novato, San Rafael and Napa.

In addition, our North Bay team of appraisers can provided valuation services in the Peninsula market.  The Peninsula market runs south from San Francisco to the Silicon Valley.  The area consists of a series of cities and suburban communities in San Mateo County and the northwestern part of Santa Clara County, as well as various towns along the Pacific coast, such as Pacifica and Half Moon Bay. The Peninsula market is extremely diverse, although it contains significant populations of affluent family households with the exception of East Palo Alto and some parts of Redwood City.

Lastly, Pacific Appraisers has local appraisal expertise for the San Francisco market area.  San Francisco is surrounded by water on three sides; the north, east, and west. The city squeezes approximately 805,000 people in less than 46.9 square miles, making it the second most densely populated major city in North America after New York City.  On any given day, there can be as many as 1 million people in the city because of the commuting population and tourism.  San Francisco also has the largest commuter population of the Bay Area cities. The limitations of land area, however, make continued population growth challenging, and also has resulted in increased real estate prices. Though San Francisco is located at the tip of the peninsula, when the peninsula is discussed, it usually refers to the communities and geographic locations south of the city proper.